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Pet Photography Tips

Pet Photography Tips:

Excited to have your pet photographed? That's great! Here are some tips to having a successful photography session.

Location: Having the shoot in your own home or at a familiar outdoor area will keep your pet the most comfortable. If the outdoor area is not fenced in or secured I recommend making the leash part of the shoot and not something you are trying to hide. Find a color that matches your dog's coat or one with a pattern that matches their personality.

Tire them out! It's much easier to get a tired dog or cat excited again than to calm down a hyper one. Take your dog for a walk before your session and play with your cat.

Getting to know them: I always like to spend at least ten minutes just sitting on the ground letting your pet get used to me. My goal is to keep your pet's session stress-free and even fun for your pet.

Treats and toys: Have some treats or toys ready to evoke interest from your pet.

Shy pets: Shy pets need even more care. Cats especially tend to hide from strangers. I recommend putting shy cats in their favorite room but with any deep hidey-holes closed off. (If your pet has a serious fear of strangers, a photoshoot might not be right for your pet yet. You don't want pictures of a terrified pet!)

Get involved! If your pet is particularly excited, a great way to get them still is for you to stand or sit next to them or hold them. If you are camera shy, a close up of a pet in their owner's arms always looks nice too.

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